• Easy to start

    No complicated installations or expensive purchases

  • No manual tasks

    Invest your precious time in looking after your guest, not in eying through complicated financial reports

  • Always available online

    5points is always there to give you accurate information regardless of time and place.

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Easy to start

No complicated installations or expensive purchases – all you need to do is to choose the aps you would like and authorize 5points to retrieve data from your book keeping system. Then you have access to 5points 24/7 as long as you want – no commitment times. You just add or delete aps as you feel relevant.

No manual tasks

Invest your precious time in looking after your guest, not in eying through complicated financial reports or lengthy spread sheets. 5points is fully automated, which gives you the opportunity to be updated on your company’s situation at any moment in time. 5points will keep an eye on your figures and present them to you on the web in a nice and easy way. All changes will be automatically updated and you will receive suggestions of the best alternatives for your company directly from 5points.

Always available online

What could be easier that to always have the latest information regarding the most recent development in your business, regardless of where you are? In 5points, you can test how new exciting ideas can affect your performance. Do I have enough cash to survive the low season? What will happen if I sell more… or less…? 5points is always there to give you accurate information regardless of time and place.

Take control

If you take control over the running of your company, the running will be so much more fun, easier and surely more profitable. The more factors one takes into consideration the better control one will have. Imagine an airline pilot flying over the Atlantic with just a speed gauge!

Increase profitability

To run a business might not be all about making loads of money, but the simple truth is that it sooner or later becomes a necessity to become enough profitable to survive. And all businesses can undoubtedly become more profitable – every single one!

Maximize your resources

All companies have limited resources, even giants like Apple and Google, and the trick is to utilize these as efficient as possible. That’s the secret. Regardless if it is time, money, man- hour or something else, one has to utilize them in the best possible manner.

Do not leave anything to chance

To run a business is all about handle the development in best possible manner – and in the majority of cases, it is possible to anticipate most things and consequently act accordingly. To leave the company’s development to chance is not enough – there is too much at stake, to many people who depend on the company!


Get better control of the event’s financial figures before it is too late, instead of leaving the awareness of the financial result, good or bad, to the bitter end, to something which you cannot act upon, just have to accept. 5points will help you to see the challenges and the possibilities.

Sport club

Focus on success in what you do best – sports! 5points will help the club to sharpen the necessary but not always prioritized financial side. Get a clear picture of a quite often complex structure and at the same time; create better possibilities to present the data in an understandable way for all stake holders.

Food & Beverage

Use your valuable time to develop your restaurant, the menus, or to look after the guests, instead of fighting with complicated reports and long spread sheets. 5points will monitor your figures and will help you to make better margins in your business.

Hotel & rooms

Throw away your complicated reports and spread sheets. A quick glance at 5points and you will be updated about the situation in your company. 5points will help you to rely on other factors than your gut feeling.
Restauranteur on the Swedish West coast
With the knowledge I gained with 5points I was able to cancel a renovation in the region of 650 000 euro as this was not what the guests wanted…
Relatively new restaurant owner – south of Sweden
With 5points I can focus on what I do best – to look after my guests – and at the same time get help with the actual running of the business…
CEO, Swedish ice-hockey club
It is paramount to get the entire business presented in a clear way. To be able to compare hard values like income and expenses with soft values like how our sponsors and spectators perceive us, presents us with unlimited possibilities to develop in the right direction…

Take it one step further

For many business owners the actual running of the business presents various challenges and quite often it is almost impossible to keep everything under control. It is habitually full focus on what one knows best – the actual essence of the business, i.e. the reasons behind the business in the first place. The actual management of the business, like growth, profitability and development could then suffer. If you feel that your time is scares, your knowledge is limited or maybe even a lacking interest for that part of the business, it could be a good idea to let someone else take care of this for you, someone who both can and will add to the development of your business.

5points+ is an all-inclusive-service where you monthly or quarterly will receive solid advices and suggestions from an experienced industry expert. Everything will be presented in a pedagogical and understandable way in accordance with your needs. Naturally, all data will be collected from 5points, which makes it easier for everyone!

By letting someone else, aided by analysis, produce strategies and predictions you will have more time to do what you want and can. Could it be better?

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